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Here is a collection of FREE downloads and resources for those interested in gainng an overview of what New Covenant Theology is. Not everything is agreed by everyone. But most of the main distinctives are common ground, and this will be apparent.

1. New Covenant Theology – Interview with A.Blake White

2. New Covenant Theologyand the Mosaic Law by Fred G. Zaspel
A Theological and Exegetical Analysis of Matthew 5:17-20

3. New Covenant Theology – questions answered by Steve Lehrer

4. New Covenant Theology Distinctives by Gary Long


5. The New Covenant Confession of Faith
Authored by the Elders of New Covenant Bible Fellowship

6. When Did the Old Covenant End and the NewCovenant Begin? by Peter Ditzel

7. Abraham’s Four Seeds by John G Reisinger

8. Five Reasons Why I Object to Classic NCT’s Definition of the Law of Christ by Todd Braye

We also heartily commend our brother David Gay’s books relating to NCT, all of which, by his generosity, are available via Amazon at next to nothing.



On Sanctification:-
1. David Peterson’s Moore College Annual lectures set on Sanctification

On NCT subjects:
1. Brian Rosners Moore College Annual lectures set on Paul and the Law

2. Steve Atkerson on NCT at Sermon Audio

3. David Gay New Covenant Theology Made Simple series (13) at Sermon Audio

4. New Covenant Theology – A Challenge or a Threat Frederick Serjant

1. Christ My Covenant

2. In-Depth Studies

3. Cross To CrownIncorporates Sound Of Grace – John G Reisinger’s former site

Other Links:

1. The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
New Covenant Theology Distinctives

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