NCT and “The Law of Christ”

On Facebook recently, there had been an extended discussion on what is meant in Scripture by “The Law of Christ”.  The discussion has taken place in the New Covenant Grace group. Strong sentiments have expressed on what appears to be the two sides.

One side is adamant that “The Law of Christ” is not some new form of legalism, but an expression (solely?) of the indwelling Spirit.

The other side is concerned that this view may lead believers into a detachment from the Scriptures. The Written Word is our infallible guide. Our ‘inner’ guidance must be understood and governed by the revelation of the Written Word. To separate our inner Spirit’s understanding and guidance from the Spirit’s inspired word is a false antithesis. The authority of the Scriptures as viewed through the New Covenant, is not enslaving, but liberating. Through the Scriptures as the Word of God,  we are set free in Christ.

There is a right concern that we should not become Bibliolators and know the truth of the promise that “they shall all be taught of God”. But there is also the error seen in past history (some very recent) of a drift into “Quietism” and/or “Mysticism”.

I am conscious that this is hardly a fair summary of all the discussions, but there is a real concern that those who have grasped the freedom there is in the New Covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ, should divide on semantic or secondary issues.

What do you think?

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