Believers Baptism

Believers Baptism
[Adams] points out that the corruption of this one
doctrine [and its practice] has been responsible for unbiblical
and erroneous doctrines of church membership, wrong
definition and practice of religious liberty, corrupt church
order and government, and even deliberate mistranslation of
the Scriptures. Something as far-reaching as this cannot be
dismissed as being an ‘insignificant matter’.
Alas, many Baptists are losing their grip on this. Leuck issued
a clarion wake-up call. Forty years later, sad to record, this
call is still needed as much as ever it was. Far too many
Baptists are living virtually in the old covenant, adopting the
errors introduced by the Fathers – clergydom, sacramentalism
and sacerdotalism (priestcraft), living under Moses rather than
Christ, and so on. Some are even adopting Baptist
These are serious matters, serious in the
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