How Many ?

i was asked  the question today, by a man who has been studying the Bible with me, “How many are there in the U.k. who have come to hold  NCT as their present understanding of  sound Systematic Theology?”

My answer was that I did not know, but I thought the number was very small. Perhaps this Blog in the near future will prove me wrong. What do readers think?


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  1. Hi brother glad to make the acquaintance of someone with it appears similar beliefs to myself and my wife, there must be more people out there who also share this understanding of the scripture and the true meaning of “the new covenant” I had received this understanding long before I heard of A . Blake, White, but had found no church in my area that had any sympathy for this view , so it was a wonderful act of providence to discover Blake on “u tube” which raised my sagging spirit more than somewhat ! And have been in touch with him on various occasions and have several books of his and others in the states in which I am finding a sweet echo of my own position, therefore I pray it may increase and prosper as The Lord see’s fit to more fellowships in the states , and possibly in this country also , The Lord willing, Amen

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    It’s good to hear from you. I would like to learn more about your “spiritual journey”.
    If you want to follow mine go to:

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